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Caler EC V-600 Kit


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The kit comes with two CALER EC-V 600w studio flash heads that deliver plenty of power and flexibility. They are ideal for large professional studio’s and outdoor shooting and the rated power can be reduced by up to 1/32, which also makes these flash heads suitable for many indoor purposes and home studios. This kit has been manufactured by JinBei who are the Chinese number one manufacturer for photographic lighting equipment, so you can be sure that you will receive a high quality and reliable set up. The kit also includes 2 x 60x90cm softboxes, 2 x 2.6m light stands, 1 x TR-A9 digital trigger and a large sturdy roller kit bag.

The CALER EC-V 600w Studio flash heads have been built to good quality professional specifications and still retain an affordable price. They have been made of durable aluminium that can withstand vigorous use, equipped with a cooling fan, a new circuit optimization design and an overheat alarm protection to ensure the flash heads are kept to optimum operating temperature and allow for continuous high pressure work. The flash heads come equipped with user changeable, high quality German Heimann flash tubes which ensure long life and consistent colour temperature. The 150w modelling lamp and can be changed proportionally for extra lighting precision and ease of use. They have a fast flash duration of 1/1800 and a recycling time of less than 1.3 seconds that will allow you to freeze the action and capture sharp images with little time between shots. The flash heads are equipped with industry standard Bowens S type fitting which allow you to fit a large range of accessories.


EC V-600 Digital Flash Unit x2
TR-A4 USB Digital Trigger x1
M-60*90 Soft box x2
JB-260 Aluminium Light Stand x2
L-92 Sub-Pro Kit Bag x1