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Aputure MR-V2 V-Rig


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Durable, Long-Lasting Build

  • Made from superior metal and ABS, the V-Rig MR-V2 boasts a strong structure, impact resistance, high/low temperature resistance and a long lifespan of use.

Lightweight Design

  • The V-Rig MR-V2 only weighs 3 pounds (1384g) for ultra-portability and long-term maneuvering.

Ergonomic Shoulder Pad

  • Adjustable shoulder pad allows for both stability and comfort for long-term shooting.

Industry Standard Copper Mount to Fit DSLRs and Camcorders 

  • The V-Rig MR-V2 uses a 1/4” copper mount, compatible with most DSLR cameras and camcorders.

Compatible and Customizable

  • Tripod-mountable. The V-Rig MR-V2 can also be used with the V-MatteBox and V-Wheel. Rig pipes can be adjusted for your ergonomic needs.