2003 was the year that Joseph was able to get hold his first electronic DSLR – the Canon EOS 10D. Since then he dreamt of his first DSLR but at that time, the cost was too high. Finally in late 2006, he was finally able to acquire his first DSLR – a used Canon EOS 300D.

Armed with his 300D and a number of new lenses, he discovered his passion to capture photos. He enjoyed travelling and with this, his love and dream to take great photos began.

During one of his travels to Hong Kong, he was able to purchase various camera accessories that weren’t available in Manila. Frustrated with the lack of accessories, particularly a wide variety of filters, Joseph decided to start Filters Exchange.

The idea for Filters Exchange was born in late 2007 while Joseph was in Hong Kong. He observed that there were numerous camera accessories available in a handful of shops. Frustrated that camera shops in Manila didn’t carry that many accessories and camera filters, Joseph decided to start selling them and initially focused on filters.

Filters Exchange grew rapidly during the first year primarily selling on the Pinoy Photography website. Even though they started out with camera filters, they later on added other camera essentials like camera batteries, battery grips, straps and other basic accessories. Filters Exchange now carries a wide range of photography and videography gear for all types of photographers and videographers.

Support Ninja

 Joseph is the founder of Filters Exchange. Being an avid and experienced photographer, you can ask him about any technical question about photographic accessories and photography in general.

Support Ninja

A part of an affiliate company even before Filters Exchange was born,  Gemma’s strength is product sourcing and logistics.

Support Ninja

 One of our original staff members when Filters Exchange was founded.  Cynthia handles all sales and general product inquiries.