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Phottix Easy-Up Umbrella Softbox 70x70cm


  • 28-Inchx 28-Inch softbox that sets up on seconds
  • Designed for shoe mount flash units or small monolights
  • Comes with a removable grid to better control light spill

The Phottix Easy-up 28-Inchx28-Inch (70x70cm) Umbrella Softbox is ready to use in seconds. This is a must-have for on location photographers. Folding down like a regular umbrella, the Phottix Easy-Up Umbrella Softbox expands into a square softbox. The recessed front diffuser allows for more precise positioning and feathering. The softbox also included a removable grid to better control light spill. The flash mounts backwards inside the softbox, shooting towards the rear for more even light and less hot spots. Perfect for hot shoe flashes or small strobes, this softbox is ready to use in seconds with no fighting with rods and speed rings. It can be broken down and stored in seconds, making it easy to transport