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Yong Nuo YN-H3 Sony Hotshoe Adapter


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1.This adapter is designed for Sony Alpha and Minolta Dynax series Flash Speedlite and Camera.
2.You can not only convert the hot shoe of Sony and Minolta flash into a standard hot shoe, but also can convert the hot shoe of Sony and Minolta Camera into a standard hot shoe.
3.What’s important, it is compatible with flash trigger, so it can be used for the cameras which don’t have synchronizer like a-5D and Single contact flash. It’s very convenient and benefits.

1.Connects third party flashes to Sony / Minolta Alpha hot shoe
2.Third party replacement for original Konica Minolta FS-1100
3.PC Sync Port Output
Note: Adapter does not have voltage matching circuit, so do not use with old high sync voltage flashes (flashes made over 10 years ago)

Applicable Flash:
Minolta 4000AF, 2800AF, 1800AF, 1200AF and wireless flash receiver IR-IN.

Applicable Camera:
-Sony: Alpha DSLR A700, A350, A300, A200, A100
-Minolta Film Cameras: Maxxum / Dynax / Alpha 9, 7, 5, 4, 3L, 60, 40, 800si, 700si, 9xi, 7xi, 8000i, 7000i
-Konica Minolta: Maxuum / Dynax / Alpha 7D, 5D, A200, A2, A1, Z6, Z5, Z3