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Datacolor Spyder4TV HD


Product Highlights

For Home Theater or TV Displays

Get Precise Color Calibration


Save Energy & Extend Display Life

The Datacolor Spyder4TV HD Color Calibration System is an easy-to-use calibration system for your home theater display as well as any other TV in your home, and is intended for use by home theater enthusiasts system installers. It provides the correct adjustments to brightness, contrast, color, tint and color temperature for your display so you’ll see your favorite movies exactly as they were intended. Furthermore, a properly calibrated display can save energy and extend the life of your home theater display by ensuring that brightness and contrast settings are optimized (an overly bright and contrasty display uses more power and can lead to a shorter display life; especially for plasma displays).

Measures settings and makes necessary adjustments to default TV settings for optimum viewing
Sets proper color temperature and dynamic range to assure your TV isn’t “overdriving” the display
TV color calibration allows for natural colors that can reduce eyestrain and let you see video the way the director intended
Special test pattern for Blu-ray disc players that makes it easy to optimize the movie images displayed on the TV screen
Works with LCD, LED, plasma, OLED, CRT and Front projectors
Software interface takes you step-by-step through your TV settings during calibration