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Viltrox MC-C1/C3 Wired Digital Timer Remote Controller Canon 5D3 650D 700D

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Viltrox MC Timer is a professional grade wired timer for professional photography. It can be precisely

set :Delay time / Exposure time / Qty. of shot / .It can be narrowed down to unit of second for Delay time /

Inter-val time / Duration time / Qty. of shots continuously .You can even set from one second up to 99 hours.

It is very user friendly to set out the setting on the night-lit LCD display.

  • Viltrox has shipped more than 100000 sets of this timer since launch.
  • Automatic Timer: It can be set for : Delay time / Exposure time / Interval  time / Qty. of shot .
  • Support manual Shutter: you can anytime press the shutter for photo shooting even the timer is set on.
  • Time can be set down to unit of second: From one second to 99 hours/ 59 minutes / 59 seconds.
  • Other added on features: Manual shutter / Auto Continuous focusing / Continuous shooting ( Speed-Priority) .