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Lensbaby Composer W/Tilt Transformer


Product Highlights

  • Tilt Transformer Accepts Nikon Lenses
  • Tilts Twice as Far as Normal Tilt/Shift
  • Controllable Selective Focus
  • Metal Swivel Ball for Smooth, Fluid Tilt
  • Easily Adjust Tilt W/Metal Locking Ring
  • All Metal, Precision Construction
  • For Sony NEX Cameras
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Want some of that sweet shallow-depth-of-field razzle-dazzle? The Lensbaby Composer W/Tilt Transformer offers two ways to inject a shot of magic into your pictures using your Sony NEX camera. The Composer (with Double Glass Optic installed) gives you the classic Lensbaby round “sweet spot” of focus, with access to the Optic Swap system optional accessories (Single Glass Optic, Plastic, Soft Focus, Pinhole/Zone Plate, etc.).

To use the Tilt Transformer, remove the Composer Front Focus and attach any Nikon mount lens: you can fluidly swivel the lens, tilting it up to twice as far as with a standard tilt-shift lens, delivering photos with a slender slice of focus through the image, bordered by a soft blur.

You control the size and the placement of the focus by shifting the lens until you have the effect you’re after, using the aperture to control the width of the zone that’s in focus.

When used with a Nikon mount lens, produces a slice of focus through the image
Tilts up to twice as far as standard tilt-shift lenses making it possible to achieve more extreme blur falling off of a very thin slice of selective focus, as compared to the usual slice of focus width and focus fall-off of a typical tilt-shift lens
Built-in mechanism allows Nikon G lenses to function properly at all apertures. Nikon G lenses do not have an aperture ring on the lens itself. This mechanism allows the aperture to open and close by manually rotating the lens itself.
High quality metal swivel ball for smooth, fluid tilt
Easy grip, metal locking ring controls ease of adjusting tilt
All metal, precision construction