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LEE Filters Upgrade Kit


The Upgrade Kit contains a filter holder and a tandem adaptor and converts your foundation holder into a professional kit.

The Lee Filters Upgrade Kit is for photographers who already own a foundation kit, the LEE upgrade package takes the holder system to professional kit standard. The pack contains all the components needed to create a single filter holder with up to four sets of slots, together with a tandem adaptor that enables the holder to slot easily onto the front of the foundation kit allowing independent rotation.

Lee Filter holder system is primarily designed to take standard 100mm filters, although other filter sizes can be adapted to fit. The unit is supplied in component form to allow the photographer to construct a filter holder tailored to his or her individual needs. Once constructed, the holder clips easily onto the adaptor ring and can then be rotated to position filters to the photographer’s exact requirements. This also enables optimum use of graduated and special effect filters. The LEE Filters Holder is flexible and adaptable, accommodating your needs as your collection of lenses and cameras grows.