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LEE Filters Chasing the Light DVD


  • Presenter: David Noton
  • Run Time: 90 Minutes
  • NTSC and PAL Compatible
  • Landscape Photography Essentials
  • Location Scouting
  • Discussion of Natural Light
  • Composition and Perspective
  • Color and Contrast
  • Post Production
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Chasing the Light from LEE Filters is an inspirational and educational film exploring the essentials of landscape photography. Acclaimed international photographer David Noton examines the development of a photographic vision with practical hands-on demonstrations, insights, and examples at a number of inspiring locations and dramatic settings. From a misty dawn at Glastonbury, to the cliffs of Land’s End, and the autumnal glens of the New Forest, Chasing the Light follows David Noton in search of magical moments when the landscape is transformed by a fleeting shaft of dawn light. The elements that a photographer needs to capture these moments are above all, a photographic vision, an uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time, and a solid foundation of practical expertise, both in the field and behind the camera. Chasing the Light examines the elements of a photographer’s vision, the challenges of working with natural light, and how to get the best from your equipment. In-the-field tutorials are combined with practical observations, stories from behind the lens, and inspirational ruminations on past photographic shoots. Developing a photographer’s vision is a journey that never ends and is one that changes how you view the world. Chasing the Light embarks the viewer on that voyage.

David Noton is one of the world’s most renowned landscape photographers, and runs his own highly successful freelance photography company. His passion for photography, travel, and the world’s most beautiful locations are the defining influences that have shaped his life, work, and creative approach to photography. He is also a Canon Explorer.

Topics Covered
  • Introduction: 1:24
  • Being There (location finding and pre-visualization): 19:00
  • Time (the vagaries of natural light): 23:20
  • Shapes (composition and perspective): 14:59
  • Tones (color and contrast): 15:26
  • Back at Base (post production): 11:46