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Polar Pro Landing Gear for DJI Phantom 3


Product Highlights

  • Increases Stability on the Ground
  • Less Likely to Tip Over on Rough Landing
  • Snap-On/Off Removal for Easy Transport
  • Elevates Camera 1″ Away from Sand/Dirt
  • Works with Phantom 3 Professional
  • Works with Phantom 3 Advanced
  • Works with Phantom 3 Standard

The Landing Gear for DJI Phantom 3 from PolarPro increases the stability of the Phantom 3 by widening its stance on the ground. The Landing gear securely clips onto the legs for easy installation and removal. By widening the legs, the Phantom 3 is less prone to tipping over during rough takeoffs and landings. The landing gear also enables the Phantom 3 to take off from uneven or soft surfaces. In addition to the wider stance, the legs also raise the Phantom 3 up by 1″ to keep the camera further away from the dirt. The landing gear works with the Phantom 3 Standard, Advanced, and Professional models.

Note: During rapid horizontal pans, the landing gear may appear in the corner of the frame, just as the stock legs can appear during rapid horizontal pans.

A wider stance makes the Phantom 3 more stable on the ground
Helps prevent tipping over during rough takeoffs and landings
Snap-on installation / removal for easy transport
Lifts Phantom 3 1″, keeping camera away from dirt/sand