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Sevenoak Precision Cam Stabilizer SK-W01



  • Lightweight and compact
  • Comfortable and flexible handle grip
  • Quick-release mounting plate
  • Rigid Aluminum construciton
  • Side-to-side trim screw
  • Fore-and-aft trim screw
  • Horizontal and vertical trim screw
  • Addable counterweight
  • Supports up to 2.25KG
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The Sevenoak Cam Stabilizer SK-W01 offers light, agile, seamless shooting for today’s videographer. Designed in light and compact feature, the Sevenoak stabilizer SK-W01 allows you to keep up with the action more easily than ever, and “fly” almost anywhere the scene takes you–up and down steps, indoors and outside, through crowds etc with precise and elegant control.  Its quick-release mount lets you instantly swap camera connections between your stabilizer and any tripod. The unique precision adjustment screws and addable counterbalancing weight can be precisely adjusted to balance your camera.