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PilotFly C45 Handheld 3-Axis Stabilizer for Compact Camera

25,000.00 18,900.00

Key features:

  • Using newest 32bit Alexmos with Triple-MCU technology for a fast, precise, silent and stable performance
  • Aluminium CNC alloy construction – Elegant design
  • Toolless operation
  • 3 pre-configured profiles Follow Mode, Pitch Lock, Full Lock.
  • Invert mode automatically recognized (auto detection)
  • 4-way Joystick to adjust tilt and yaw angle
  • Easy assembling and easy detachable from the handle
  • Up to 6 hrs operation time
  • High versatility ¼ screw hole on bottom of the handle
  • Built-in Bluetooth module to control the SP-1 via Android APP or remote control (Pilotfly Remote Control RM-01)
  • Built-in 2nd Bluetooth shoot button to support smartphone for picture and video record shooting
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Compact cameras can now shoot high-quality video, and with the Pilotfly C45 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizeryou can achieve stable handheld tracking shots. Smaller cameras weighing up to 1.7 pounds can benefit from stabilization on the pan, tilt, and horizon axes, with full 360° operation on the pan axis. While the 32-bit Alexmos controller with Triple MCU technology is advanced in its operation, programming via the Android mobile app is simple. Adjust, calibrate, and choose one of five operating modes using the app, and you’re on your way. In modes that offer manual control, the 4-way joystick offers user control over pan and tilt for precise camera movements. If you want to take your camera movements further, use the 1/4″-20 thread at the base of the handle to attach a boom-pole or other support devices. A lithium-ion battery is integrated into the handle and offers up to 6 hours of operating time, after which it can be recharged using the included power supply.

Key Features

32-bit Alexmos controller with Triple-MCU (Motor Control Unit) technology
Motors have integrated encoders
Tool-less design
360° pan axis (no limit stop, full rotation)
4-way joystick control
1/4″ screw hole for attaching accessories like boom-poles
5 preconfigured profiles: follow mode, pitch lock, full lock, follow roll, and selfie mode
Auto-invert for all profiles
LEDs for power and battery status
Integrated Bluetooth module for remote control with separately available RM-1 wireless remote
Setting, calibration, mode change, and remote control via Android smartphone app