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Viltrox VL-200T Super Slim 3300-5600K LED Light Panel


Viltrox VL – 200T is a high brightness LED light (color temperature: 3300 – 5600K) with high-quality lamp beads which are energy-saving, environmental and long-lived. The brightness can be easily adjusted according to your requirements. The LED light is so portable that is suitable for location shooting, satisfying your shooting needs on more scenes.

Main Features:

  • Adjustable brightness and color temperature, the brightness (20 – 100pct), or color temperature (3300 – 5600K) parameters will be increased or decreased
  • Light source: 96pcs (3300K), 96pcs (5600K)
  • 20:26 ratio of widescreen design, more in line with the camera’s viewfinder range, multi-lamp splicing can achieve different brightness
  • FSK 2.4GHz wireless remote control system, 7 groups 19 channels group control
  • Dual power supply system: Li-ion battery (not included)/DC power supply
  • HD LCD screen to make the operation more convenient and accurate
  • Standard equipped with a remote controller which can remotely control parameters of signal or the whole group of LED lights
  • Thickness: 22mm only; weight: 506g only


  • LED panel model: VL – 200T
  • Remote controller model: VL – 500RT
  • Color temperature: 3300 – 5600K (adjustable)
  • Brightness: 20 – 100pct (adjustable)
  • Max brightness: 2500lm (4400K, 100pct full)
  • Max illuminance: 2450Lux/0.5m (4400K, 100pct full)
  • Lamp beads: 96pcs (3300K), 96pcs (5600K)
  • Power (max): 30W
  • Continue light time: approx. 3 hours (100pct full, NP – P960, 4800mAh)
  • Group: 6 groups (A, B, C, D, E, F)
  • Channel: 1 – 19
  • Color rendering index: 95 (RA) and more
  • DC adapter interface: DC 18V/2A
  • Li-ion battery: NP – F550/F570/F960/F970 series (not included)


1. Please replace the battery in the power-off state.

2. Do not use the lamp directly close to the people’s eyes, otherwise, it may damage the retina.

3. Do not touch the lamp body during a long time using to avoid being burned.

4. Place other objects at least 15cm away from the light.

5. Prevent the lamp body from strong vibration, otherwise, it may cause failure, leading to the component damage.