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Blackrapid Elle Ballistic


Product Highlights

strap sits on shoulder so you can carry your camera at the ready upside down by your hip

designed by women to accommodate a woman’s frame

included FastenR and ConnectR hardware provide secure, gliding connection to the strap

elongated, curved strap helps keep shoulder pad from shifting

easy-locking “bumpers” restrict camera movement when you’re active

hand- or machine-washable, air dry

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A camera strap with a gentle curve


The BlackRapid Elle camera strap is designed by women, for women. The secret to the Elle is an elongated, slim shoulder pad with a gentle curve that’s designed to accommodate a woman’s frame. It’s also made to stay put on your left shoulder, keeping your camera close by your right hand for easy access. And the optional “Brad” accessory (available separately) slips underneath your arm to keep the shoulder pad firmly in place when you’re moving quickly or climbing. Trick out your Elle strap by adding extra accessory storage with the “Bryce” bag, or make it even more reliable and secure with the Buck modification.

Once you experience the simplicity and elegance of a BlackRapid camera strap, you’ll never, ever want to go back to the old neck or shoulder strap your camera came with. BlackRapid camera straps are designed to help your cameras hang in a logical location, upside down and down by your hip. Simply screw the FR-3 FastenR screw/washer hand-tight to your camera’s tripod mount hole, then use the included ConnectR carabiner that’s attached to your strap as a lever to securely tighten the FastenR. Now you can grab a camera by its gripping surface, glide it up along the strap’s surface, and have it ready to shoot in under a second. BlackRapid straps can be worn with backpacks or under a jacket, and the included bumpers quickly slide and snap into place to restrict your camera’s movement when you’re running, climbing, or otherwise being active.