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Hoya Pro1 Digital Circular Polarizer Filter 43mm

  • Ultra thin filter frames help to reduce vignetting on super wide angle lenses.
  • Ideal way to greatly improve a blue sky and increase cloud detail.
  • Digital multi-coated filters provide protection to the glass and helps to enhance light transmission and image quality.
  • Black rimmed glass is used to reduce the likelihood of light reflecting from the edge.
  • Ideal for nature, travel and exterior photography.
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Hoya 43mm Pro1 Digital Circular Polarizer Filter provides many benefits, included in this is the removal of reflections from reflective surfaces, now you can easily see through a window or through water instead of viewing the reflection.

The filter will in addition make colours appear more saturated and make objects and figures appear clearer and more sharp. Keep the filter fixed to the lens to deliver increased security to your cherished lens.

This sort of filter is used in landscape photography and in extrior shots to eradicate reflections and glare as well as strengthen the contrast in photos. This filter will obscure a blue sky and help make clouds more abundant and bolder.