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Universal digital Dual Charger LS-PC201


Name:Dual Charger
AC Input:100-240V 50-60Hz
DC Input:12V 2A
Output:DC 1.2-8.4V 2000mA(MAX)*2
USB Output:5V 2A(MAX)
Charging Time:2-6 Hours
Optional Accessories:
Digital Camera/Camcorder Battery Detachable Plate
Mobile Phone Battery Detachable Plate
AA/AAA Battery Detachable Plate
AC Power Cord?
Automobile Power Cord
Mobile Phone Connectors

1.Visual and reliable with charging status, battery capacity and USB output voltage on LCD display.
2.Charge two same or different batteries simultaneously.
3.Charging time is 3 times faster than normal ones.
4.5V 2A (max)USB output,charging for iPad, iPhone, iPod, mobile phone, MP3, MP4, digital Camera, and GPS etc.
5.12-24V DC input can be used in car and airplane.
6.Built with over voltage protection, Over charge protection, Short circuit protection and Over tempareture protection.
7.Intelligent microcomputer chip control, switching voltage automatically
8.Recover battery capacity of your device automatically and prolong the battery’s life.