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Powerex MH-C801D 8-Cell 1-Hour Charger with 8 AA NiMH Batteries


Product Highlights

Charges 1-8 AA/AAA NiMH/NiCD Batteries

Rapid Charge Time: 1 hr

Slow Charge Time: 2 hr

Universal 100-240VAC Adapter

Large LCD Status Indicator

Battery Conditioning System

Microprocessor Controls Current

1.2V, 2700mAh AA NiMH Batteries Supplied

Rechargeable Hundreds of Times

Resistant to Memory Effect

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Power up your electronic devices via this MH-C801D 8-Cell 1-Hour Charger with 8 AA NiMH Batteries from Powerex. This kit bundles the MH-C801D charger, which takes 1-8 AA or AAA NiMH or NiCD batteries, with an 8-pack of 1.2V, 2700mAh AA NiMH cells and a handy battery carrying case.

Rapid charge time is 1 hr while a “soft” slow charge is completed in 2 hr, and a large LCD status indicator keeps you apprised of progress. An integrated conditioning system charges, discharges, and then recharges batteries automatically, in order to offer maximum rejuvenation. Additionally, the 8th generation MH-NM7008 Powerex Precision Microprocessor ensures batteries are charged to their maximum capacities without being over or under-charged. The MH-C801D includes a universal 100-240VAC adapter enabling worldwide use, so you’re covered when traveling.

The batteries can be recharged hundreds of times. They are also highly resistant to memory effect, meaning they will retain a full or nearly-full capacity after repeated charge cycles–even if they’re not fully drained before recharging.