Based on the information we have so far, the recently announced Nikon D850 DSLR appears to be the new “baby Nikon D5 camera” I have been reporting for a while. I did receive some tips that the D850 is based on the D5 and not on the D810. There are several D850 discussions online that confirm that statement. For example, this set of D850 specifications reportedly comes from Nikon Austria (source):

  • 10 fps (without battery pack)
  • Together with fast AF this will be a sports capable camera with 46 Megapixels resolution (appears to adopt something of the D500 concept for FX)
  • NOT compatible with MB-D12, there will be a new dedicated battery-pack
  • They expect the first samples to be available in October
  • Pricing will be about 1,000 Euros above the D810 which will remain available in parallel (D810 currently sells for EUR 2,149)
  • D850 will use EN-EL15 batteries but there is a new version out now (the third one) the EN-EL15a

Additional D850 coverage can be found here. For Facebook users: visit and like the new Nikon D850 page. Post picture by Broxibear.

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