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SmallRig Cage Accessory Kit for Sony A6500 (Code # 1968)


Product Dimensions: 153x50x154.5mm
Net Weight: 338g
Package Size: 183x100x60mm
Package Weight: 415g
Material: Aluminum Alloy

SmallRig Sony A6500 Cage Accessory Kit 1968 is a professional camera support package designed for Sony A6500 camera. The kit includes a Sony A6500 cage, a top handle and a HDMI cable clamp. The form-fitting cage 1889 is equipped with quick release NATO rails, cold shoe and threaded holes for accessory attachment. The top handle 1638 attaches to the top for convenient handheld shooting. In addition, HDMI cable clamp 1822 protects the HDMI cable without obstructing USB port or other ports.

Key Features:
1.Basic Sony A6500 camera accessory kit
2.Provides pleasant handheld shooting
3.Protects HDMI cable well and not obstruct usb port and other ports
4.NATO rails, cold shoe and threaded holes for accessories attachment

Sony A6500 camera