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SmallRig ARRI Rosette Extension Arm for Sony FS5 (Code #1935)


Product Dimensions: 203x72x35mm
Net Weight: 186g
Package Size: 220x80x40mm
Package Weight: 200g
Material: Aluminum Alloy

SMALLRIG ARRI Rosette Extension Arm for Sony FS5 1935 is an adjustable rosette extension arm, specially designed for Sony FS5. It comes with ARRI standard rosettes (M6, 31.8mm diameter) on opposite ends. The extension distance is from 168mm-266mm. Matching SMALLRIG Sony FS5 ARRI Standard Body Rosette 1866 and Sony FS5 ARRI Standard Grip Rosette 1867, you can relocate FS5 handgrip to achieve the remote control. It features a NATO rail in the middle, which allows to adjust forwards and backwards just through quickly tightening and loosening the M5 thumbscrew. Besides, we considerately provide a M3 thread to prevent the NATO rail from accidental removal. If you purchase this product, we will send you LANC Remote Cable 1824.

Key Features:
1. ARRI standard rosettes (M6, 31.8mm diameter) on opposite ends
2. Feature an adjustable NATO rail with 167mm-255mm extension distance
3. A M3 thread is designed to prevent the NATO rail from accidental removal
4. 360°angle adjustment according to your usage requirement
5. Relocate the FS5 handgrip to achieve remote control
6. 1/4’’ & 3/8’’ thread holes for additional rigs attachment

Sony FS5