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Sevenoak Holder with Poseable Arm SK-ARM01



  • You can attach to the poseable arm a 7″ LED display, a microphone or any device with a 1/4″-format screw thread.
  • The poseable arm has 3 joints where it can be bent, allows for numerous viewing angles.
  • The poseable arm has been designed especially to hold a camera or camcorder on a Dolly SK-DW01, SK-SW04 or SK-W03 holder, to make tracking shots like a professional.


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The Sevenoak Articulated arm 7″ SK-ARM01 is a strong, durable articulated arm used to mount monitor, microphone, LED light and other accessories. The Sevenoak Articulated arm 7″ SK-ARM01’s unique design features a single-point locking mechanism, which gives the user maximum flexibility. The knob allows you to partially loosen it for safe and precise positioning. The durable aluminium alloy construction comes with a shoe mount, and can be broken down to accept standard 1/4″ threads as well.