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Viltrox VL-D85B VL-D85T adjust the color temperature and brightness LED light


Viltrox LED light is designed to have high quality lamp beads, having lower energy consumption and accurate

color temperature. Featuring even fill-in light, condenser baffle is utilized on the design, which helps better control

the directions of light ray to make the reflective light brighter. It has FSK 2.4GHz wireless remote control system

which can wireless remote control single or multi groups of LED lights and steplessly adjust brightness and color

temperature. The metal body makes the heat dissipation much better. It is suitable for light filling of varieties of

scenes like micro film/MV video, studio, wedding video, characters photography and so

  • Metal Material- More attractive shape design owns to high quality metal material which has better heat
  • dissipation and durability.
  • Grouping&Channels-Channels( 1-19) and grouping(Group A-F, all groups) to better satisfy your needs
  • of photography light filling.
  • Wireless Remote Control-Support FSK 2.4GHz wireless remote control system; enable wireless remote
  • control to be set on single or multiple groups of LED light parameters.
  • High quality lamp beads: Select pieces of high quality lamp beads which are environment-friendly,energy-
  • saving and long-lasting.
  • HD Viewing Screen-HD LCD Display to offer you more convenient and accurate operation.
  • Multiple Settings-Menu button on the back to help you switch On/Off or wirelessly remote control LED light parameters.
  • Stable Color Temperature-Close to daylight color temperature;range of variation is within 5600±300