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Viltrox DC-90 HD 8.9 inch Professional 
­High-definition Monitor DSLR camera/video camera


Viltrox field monitor is a 8.9 inch super HD monitor,up to 1920*1200 pixels,full HD,which can stasfy the

photographers’s professional request on HD image quality.

The monitor has HDMI input and output,AV input and headphone jack,USB update port which can be

used for mirrorless camera or digital camera or digital HD camcorder to display real-time HDMI video

signal from Ccamera.

The professional grade monitor has peaking and zooming pixel by pixel function,which can help

photographers make faster focusing,and offer more perfect enlargement on the full HD selected image.

With a a new generation long-type sun shape,the photographer can more focus on the video to avoid

the strong light in better viewing effect.

Equipped with adjustable rotating degree adpter,easy view from various angles which can satisfy the

actual video shooting from different angles.

  • Several HDMI, AV ports, Wide viewing angle LCD screen.
  • It can show the exposure and area accurately.
  • With headphone stereo output.
  • 16:9 / 4:3 / full screen display
  • It can used for HDMI port, AV port and Live View.
  • Powered by rechargeable batteries or AC outlet with AC/DC adapter.
  • It can show the HDMI video signal from camera.