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edelkrone Slide Module v2


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edelkrone 82436 Overview

Key Features
  • Convert SliderPLUS into Motorized Slider
  • Supports HeadPLUS for Smart Tracking
  • Quiet Step Motor and Backlash-Free Gears
  • Works with edelkrone iOS/Android App

The edelkrone Slide Module v2 is a compact add-on accessory that converts the edelkrone SliderPLUS into a motorized slider. v2 has been updated with a quiet step motor and with backlash-free gears that allow for smoother and more stable repeatable motion. It neatly attaches on the end of the slider and enables it with programmable, motorized motion capability. Slide Module v2 and SliderPLUS sync up with the intuitive edelkrone iOS/Android app, and in the app you can assign various standard and motion time-lapse automated slides. The app also has special features that allow you to bend the speed of time and speed of camera motion independently.

Slide Module v2 is compatible with any 3rd- and 4th-generation SliderPLUS model, including the SliderPLUS Small, SliderPLUS PRO, SliderPLUS M, and SliderPLUS X. Please see full compatibility details in the Features section below. Slide Module v2 also supports HeadPLUS for tracking stationary objects when used with the slider. Synced up with Slide Module v2 and SliderPLUS, HeadPLUS (with a Laser Module installed) is able to achieve automated smart tracking after some position programming is done in the app. Similarly, HeadONE (Single and Dual versions) are also supported for motorized pan and tilt motion.

The updated motor functions quietly thanks to its ultra-silent step motor driver technology, which combines precision step motor positioning ability with silent operation. This is a big aspect of the Slide Module because although step motors are known for their precision, they are also known for making noise, and edelkrone has succeeded in getting rid of the noise. Backlash-free gears are also known for their precision. The new backlash-free gears in v2 have a heavy-duty design, which ensures a longer operational life.

With Slide Module v2 attached to your SliderPLUS you can still operate the slider manually if you’d like, and the motor will not be damaged in any way. Slide Module v2 drives the SliderPLUS in horizontal slides only.

Slide Module v2 can be battery-operated or powered via an AC adapter. All power accessories are sold separately. Slide Module v2 supports two LP-E6 or two L-series batteries via an optional battery tray which installs right on top.

Key Features

  • Motorized add-on accessory for 3rd- and 4th-generation SliderPLUS models (see below)
  • Enables automated standard and motion time-lapse slides, programmable via an iOS/Android app
  • Also supports HeadPLUS for tracking stationary objects when used with the slider
  • Updated with a quiet step motor and backlash-free gears
  • Does not interfere with manual control of the slider
  • Can be battery-operated or powered via an AC adapter (all power accessories are sold separately)
  • Drives the SliderPLUS in horizontal slides only


Slide Module v2 is compatible with all 3rd- and 4th-generation SliderPLUS models and also supports HeadPLUS for smart tracking when used with the slider. Earlier SliderPLUS models (those with black rails) are not compatible. The following SliderPLUS models are all supported:

  • SliderPLUS Compact
  • SliderPLUS Small
  • SliderPLUS Medium
  • SliderPLUS Long
  • SliderPLUS Large
  • SliderPLUS PRO Compact
  • SliderPLUS PRO Medium
  • SliderPLUS PRO Long
  • SliderPLUS PRO Large
  • SliderPLUS PRO XL
  • SliderPLUS M Short
  • SliderPLUS M Long
  • SliderPLUS X Short
  • SliderPLUS X Long