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edelkrone PocketSKATER 2 with FlexTILT for Select DSLR Cameras and Smartphones


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edelkrone 80958 Overview

POCKET SKATER2 has 3 wheels which can fold out and extend easily. The angle of the curve is set instantly by adjusting the 2 front wheels. It is the perfect versatile skater that will add fun, curvy slides into your product and interview shots!

Key Features

  • Built-in FLEXTILT head
  • Smart phone ready

Built-in FLEXTILT head

POCKETSKATER2 comes with the edelkrone FLEXTILT head technology so you don’t need to carry around a tripod head anymore! FLEXTILT provides easy angle, height and rotation adjustments to further enhance your shots. FLEXTILT also lets you shift the center of gravity to achieve perfect balance and stability for different setups.

Smart phone ready

POCKETSKATER2 can be used in compact mode without fully extending the wheels. It can work in harmony with your smart phone even in tight spaces.