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Comica CVM-WM100 48 UHF Channels Professional Omnidirectional Wireless Lavalier Microphone System 100 Meters Range


  • . 48 Channels for Multiple Devices Work Together.
  • . Working Distance Up to 100m without any staccato; (In Open Area)
  • . RF Signal Strength Adjusted and Local Audio Test in Transmitter End.
  • . Lattice LCD Display, High Resolution;. Muting Mode(red light keeps on).
  • . Real-time Audio Status Monitor, Real-time Audio Monitor and 16 Steps Volume Adjustment in Receiver End.

Comica CVM-WM100 utilizes UHF wireless technology and LCD lattice screen, it comes with totally 48 channels and 16-levels adjustable volume, built-in with‘Adjustable RF Strength’,‘Local Audio Testing’,‘Real-time Audio Monitor’functions,etc. Which takes you more professional and convenient recording.

Channels :48
Signal / Noise: >65dB
Transmitting Power: 10mw /30mw
Stray Radiation:< -60dBc
Sound Delay :<20ms
Audio Distortion :<0.5%
Audio Input:3.5mm Port
Supported Battery:AA Batteriesx2pcs
Size:111.5* 65*25.3mm

Channels :48
Signal / Noise:>65dB
Receiving Sensitivity :-95dBm
Stray Radiation:< -60dBc
Sound Delay :<20ms
Audio Distortion:<0.5%
Frequency Range:20Hz ~ 18KHz
Audio Output :3.5mm Port
Supported Battery:AA Batteriesx2pcs
Size :111.5 *65* 25.3mm

Packing List
3.5mm Audio Mic
3.5mm-3.5mm Audio Output
3.5mm-XLR Audio Output
Waist Belt Clip x 2pcs
Camera Mount x 2pcs
Winds Muff
Portable Case
User Manual
Warranty Card


Please tear off the protector of the screen before usage to ensure it’s clear
The antenna will affect working distance, be sure to protect it and avoid any man-made damage;
Working distance will be affected by surroundings, make sure the background is barrier-free, and turn off the device’s WIFI during usage;
RF strength is advised to set to’Low’for short working-distance request, which can help decrease power dissipation and increase power duration;
While working with smartphone, you need to purchase the TRS-TRRS audio cable adapter separately;
Take notice of the batteries’‘positive and negative poles’to avoid reversion, otherwise the product maybe damaged;
Keep the product in dry environment;
Do not use the equipment in rain or in a damp environment to avoid short-circuit.