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SoundMagic E30 Earphone


  • Pro-fit IEM design with secure over ear cable.
  • Designed for active use, including sports and on-stage monitoring.
  • Outstanding tone reproduction.
  • High level of noise isolation – supplied with a wide variety of eartips for the perfect seal.
  • Sound signature: Neutral, accurate sound with well defined bass.
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SoundMagic E30 Pro-Fit In-Ear Earphones Remember the PL30s they now have a bigger brother! The E30 headphones by SoundMagic are the next generation of SoundMagics PL30 model which is still to this day one of Advanced MP3 Players fastest selling in-ear headphones! The E30s have increased build quality and durability let alone a increased frequency response and sound quality. The E30 Headphone Details … A step up in build quality – The E30 headphones are indeed made to last! They feature a metallic cable cover at the 3.5 mm jack and cable split to ensure a long lasting cable life. The driver housing its self is a 2 tone plastic that feels tough and sturdy. Increase that audio control – Flat sounding headphones are becoming increasingly popular with audio enthusiasts these days. The neutral sound is not too heavy on bass which goes deep and not to sparkly in the highs which are extended. The monitor-like presentation is a nice touch and the hint of warmth in the sound quality is appreciated. Tonal balance is hard to beat at the price point! Round-the-ear and ultra-comfortable – You are supposed to be able to wear these headphones in your sleep! While that’s not something the AMP3 staff are planning on doing we are sure that you probably could. They don’t dive in too deep and sit quite happily in your ears without any discomfort. Features Sturdy and robust Excellent tonal balance Comfortable and suitable for everyday use In-ear design