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Phottix Premio Black Backing For Shoot Through Umbrella 85cm/33″


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33″ Black, reflective backing panels with silver interior are available for the Phottix shoot-through Parabolic umbrella models – helping to better control light spill, as well as putting up to 2 stops more light on your subject.

Items Include:
*Black Backing Panel Only


Weight 1.2 lbs. (.544 kg)
Dimensions 2W X 2H X 27.5D in.
(5.08 X 5.08 X 69.85 cm)


  • 33″/85cm black backing with silver interior for increased flexibility when working with umbrellas
  • Control light spill by containing all light into the shaper
  • Increase the light output up to 2 more stops
  • Easily converts your reflective umbrella into a transportable softbox