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Manfrotto Alu Ranker Air-Cushioned Light Stand (Black, 9′)


  • Quick Stack System
  • 3 Sections, 2 Risers
  • Removable, Reversible Spigot
  • Accepts Caster Wheel Set
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Manfrotto 1005BAC Overview

The Manfrotto Alu Ranker Air-Cushioned Light Stand is a black anodized aluminum stand that rises to a maximum of 9′. This stand is an updated version of the older “Stacker” series.

The patented Quick Stack System (QSS) offers enhanced portability. Connecting the stands together saves a lot of room while storing them in the studio or location case.

The 1005BAC Ranker features a removable, reversible spigot for added fixture mounting versatility. And for improved maneuverability, the legs accept the Manfrotto #018 caster wheel set.


Air cushioning prevents damage to fingers and equipment if you forget to fully tighten the stand sections

Removable Spigot

  • Accepts light fixtures that have a 5/8″ receptor or stud
  • One end of spigot has 1/4″-20 threads
  • Other spigot end has 3/8″ threads


At minimum height, it will safely support a load of 22 lb