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Aputure V-MIC D1 On-Camera Shotgun Microphone


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Super-Cardioid Polar Pattern

  • The V-Mic D1 features a directional, narrow pick-up pattern that favors the sound sources in front of you. It’s perfect for capturing on-screen dialogue or action.

Crystal-Clear Recording

  • Using top-notch, quiet circuitry, the V-Mic D1 ensures that it won’t make noise or interfere with your recording. This allows you to capture voices and the sounds of on-screen action with complete clarity.

Shock-Mount Isolation

  • Using a shockproof structure made of silica gel, the V-Mic D1 avoids picking up the noises of camera movements and operation.In addition to this, the interior of the microphone features a secondary shock-absorption design to prevent picking up unwanted audio.

Low-Cut Filter

  • This feature filters background frequencies under 80Hz, such as unwanted noise produced by wind, focusing and traffic.

Windscreen and Microphone Cover

  • The V-Mic D1 includes both a wind screen and microphone cover. Use them to record clear audio during windy conditions.

Low Power Indicator

  • The V-Mic D1 features an LED indicator that blinks red when battery power is running low.

RF Immunity

  • The V-Mic performs with superior RF immunity to avoid unwanted electromagnetic interference from RF devices.

Shoe Clip and 1/4” Mount

  • With both a shoe clip and removable 1/4” mount, the V-Mic can be rigged to a wide-variety of equipment. The shoe clip allows for easy mounting on-camera. The 1/4” mount can be used to attach mic to any accessory with a 1/4” screw such as a magic arm, tripod and some boom poles.