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VILTROX JY-680A automatic flash Support Canon 5d3/ Nikon/ pentax/ Sony A7 camera

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JY680A professional flash reach GN 33 and 8stops subtle light output controlling.Comes with photoelectric trigger function,guarantees super recycle time and user-friendly operation,which can stasify photographer’s excessive

demands on light of flash.

  • Standard hot shoe DSLR camera
  • Manual flash、Multi flash
  • S1、S2 slave flash
  • LCD backlight Panel
  • Recycling Time:3s
  • Flash number:GN 33
  • Support wireless 【M】gourp SET flash Output
  • Support camera bome light
  • Support front-curtain sync,Rear-cutain sync
  • Temperature measurement
  • Locking pin
  • Low Battery indication