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Viltrox Canon 5D2 5D3 7D 70D FC-240C Flash wireless trigger

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VILTROX FC-240C Canon camera dedicated flash trigger, FC-240C uses global free FSK 2.4GHz wireless frequency

channels which can be used in many countries.In order for convenient matching, you can solely purchase receiver.

FC- 240C is composed by transmitter-FC-240TX and receiver FC-240RX ,so you can control several receivers in the

same time by one transmitter.

  • VILTROX FC-240C Canon camera dedicated flash trigger
  • VILTROX  FC-240C multi Wireless shutter trigger
  • FC-240C with FSK 2.4GHz guarantee speed, distance and stability.
  • Support camera wireless shutter  function.
  • Remote control distance range is about 100 M in open area.
  • Support: Front and Rear curtain SYNC
  • By connecting to the two plugs on one side of device, can achieve :
  • “Flash” Wirelessly trigger studio light, “Camera” Remote photo- taking.
  • Support PC interface trigger studio light.
  • PC interface input supports front/rear curtain SYNC,high speed SYNC ( super SYNC )
  • When using the flashguns Nikon, the shutter synchronization speed reaches 1/200s
  • You can control different camera for photo shooting by  purchasing shutter control cable separately.
  • You can also control all kinds of flashgun and studio light