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VILTROX TTL Canon JY670C Macro Ring Lite


JY 670 C can be fully compatible with Canon eTTL and hence smart choice for photographer who are interested in

macro photo taking:Support Low Speed SYN , Rear Curtain SYN and

Focus Lock In Manual Mode: Flash Output can be set at 13 steps while 22 combination can be made for the ratio

between two flash tubes.

  • High definition LCD panel, Completely compatible with Canon ETTL system
  • ETTL flash Manual flash、Multi flash
  • Flash number:GN 14
  • TTL automatic exposure ,exposure compensation -3.0EV to +3.0EV
  • Support wireless 【M】gourp SET flash Output
  • You can adjust the flash ratio of flash tubes A and B or fire only one of the flash tubes
  • Support front-curtain sync,Rear-cutain sync
  • Low Battery indication