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Formatt Hitech 67mm Aluminum Modular Filter Holder


Product Highlights

Pre-Assembled Filter Holder

Comes Assembled with Three Slots

Filter Holder Fits 67mm-Wide Filters

Can Be Modified to Fit 1, 2 or 3 Filters

Aluminum-Alloy Construction

Ring Allows Holder to Fit Lens

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The Hitech 67mm Aluminum Modular Filter Holder is a system that will permit you to use numerous filters depending on your needs in order to create the shot you envision. It comes fully assembled to accept three 67mm-wide filters, but can be modified to accommodate more or less filters.

This holder is constructed from aluminum alloy for increased stability while still remaining lightweight. A front screw adapter ring is required for attachment directly to the front of the lens.

You can also modify the number of filter slots with your holder; once you decide upon the number of desired slots, included brass nuts can be used to secure everything in place. Additional spacers and screws are also available to further expand the system.