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Benro SD 100 x 100mm ND1000 (S) WMC Neutral Density ND Filter




Best optical material

WMC – waterproof multi coating using the latest ultra-smooth surface to enhance water and oil repellency. The coating also has super hard anti-scratch properties which will not have any influence on imaging quality. Even if the filter is soiled with water or oil, the stains can be removed easily.

Edge coated black optically flat glass

This Benro SD ND1000 WMC is latest ND series of filters. ND series filter allows you to control the exposure time, DND Optical glass evenly absorbs Visible Rays Enhanced output low chromatic aberration natural image. 12 layers AR multi-coating decreases internal flare by glass. WMC stands for Waterproof Multi Coating, which is a waterproof anti-oil anti-scratch function.

Square filter size is 100 x 100mm with a thickness of 2mm and is applicable to general filter frames.