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Z CAM S1 Pro Cinematic VR Camera

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Z CAM S1 Pro

The Z Cam S1 Pro Cinematic VR Camera shoots 360° video, which allows you to create a 6K spherical resolution image at 30 fps. It captures your footage using four fisheye lenses and records to four SDXC cards. In addition, the camera supports four directional microphones capturing audio in AAC format to match the four lenses. The camera can stream live but requires a Windows PC and Z CAM WonderLive software. Also, the captured footage can be stitched using available software, or you can download the Z Cam Controller software suite, which includes an express license for the included WonderStitch software application.

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Z CAM S1 ProZ CAM S1 ProZ CAM S1 Pro  Z CAM S1 Pro

Key Features
  • 6K @30 fps Post Stitching Resolution
  • 4 x Sony Exmor Sensors
  • 4 x VRCA220 Lenses
  • 4 x Ambarella A9 S75 Processors

This is a fully integrated camera with four Sony Exmor sensors paired with four VRCA 220° fisheye lenses, while four dedicated processors record to four SDXC card slots. The camera offers you auto, manual, and coordinated exposure and white balance settings, which aid in post stitching of your video. The camera is powered by a removable battery module that accepts four 18650 button top batteries (not included). A protective carrying case is included for transport and storage.

  • Simultaneously records MOV video using the H.264 codec to four SDXC cards.
  • One card is dedicated to each lens/sensor combination.
  • You can use virtually any post stitching software to create 360° video from the four separate MOV video files.
  • Live streaming of your 360° video requires that you connect your camera to a Windows PC via the Ethernet port and use WonderLive software (not included).
  • The battery unit accepts four 18650 button top batteries, which allow the camera to shoot without being connected to a power supply. The 18650 batteries are not included and must be sourced separately.