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Panasonic DC-GH5L Kit + Leica 12-60mm

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High-end LUMIX breaks conventional boundaries 20-MP sensor without low-pass filter, 5-axis image stabilization, 4K 60P videos and 6K photos in waterproof magnesium housing

With a new 20 megapixel image sensor, a new 5-core image processor, 5-axis dual IS image stabilization and the fastest hybrid AF (DFD) system ever, the new Lumix achieves image quality such as no other before. In addition, 4K 60p video and 6K photo with 18 MP resolution at 30 fps allow you to pinpoint the deciding moments in the picture.

One of the highest resolution electronic viewfinders (3.7 million pixels), dust-, water- and frost-resistant magnesium housing, the flexible dual-SD card slot, Bluetooth LE, Wi-Fi, new joystick and touch screen operation and an optional battery grip The new GH5 is a perfect tool for photo and video enthusiasts. For video professionals, the GH5 is the first DSLM camera ever to offer an unlimited internal video recording with 4K 60p and 4K 30p 4: 2: 2 10 bit1 as well as numerous other professional functions and settings.

Best quality

The best LUMIX quality ever The LUMIX GH5 produces high-quality, true-to-life images thanks to excellent resolution, image processing and color reproduction. Its new digital LIVE MOS sensor offers 20.3 megapixels, a 25 percent higher resolution than the GH4 and also dispenses with the low-pass filter in front of the sensor.

The camera comes with a new Venus engine image processor, which enhances the reproduction of natural detail structures. Multi-pixel brightness analysis captures a 9x larger pixel area to produce crisp, clear images with accurate detail reproduction using the de-mosaicing process. Intelligent detail processing analyzes the characteristics of each individual pixel to determine whether the pixel belongs to an area, detail or edge area in the image in order to optimally process it accordingly. The result is detailed images, finely graduated color gradients and no unnatural edge elevations.

In addition, a triple color analysis detects not only hue and saturation, but also the brightness, to allow optimal adjustment of the individual values. The result is better color rendition from the darkest to the brightest areas of the image.

The previous multi-process NR (noise reduction) has been further developed into a high-precision multi-process NR. It improves the accuracy of noise detection by a factor of 4 compared to the previous image processor and leads to a correspondingly better preservation of motif details even after the noise reduction process. This allows for clean, crisp images even at high ISO values ​​up to ISO 25,600.

The LUMIX GH5 features 5-axis Dual-IS (image stabilization), which even more effectively suppresses camera shake, including 4K video. The combination of OIS (2-axis optical image stabilizer in the lens) and BIS (5-axis housing stabilizer in the camera) compensates for more camera shake than conventional systems. A high-precision gyro sensor controls both OIS and BIS, taking into account the shooting conditions and specific lens data, with the result that up to 5 EV steps2 longer exposure times can be photographed by hand.

The LUMIX GH5 offers various locking systems. In addition to a mechanical shutter with 1 / 8000s shortest shutter speed, the camera has a 1 / 2000s electronic 1-curtain shutter and no shutter vibration before recording, which also allows the short-time flash synchronization. A purely electronic shutter finally works without any mechanical vibration up to 1 / 16000s.

Speed ​​and accuracy – DPD autofocus

New AF system with advanced DFD technology The LUMIX GH5 comes with a new enhanced depth-from-defocus contrast AF technology. It not only calculates the subject distance from two images with different sharpness levels, but also extensively analyzes the shape, size, and even movement of the subject. Thanks to the new Venus Engine image processor, the time taken to measure the distance to the subject is 6x shorter, while the focus tracking is 2x faster.

The speed of the sensor drive during autofocusing in photo mode has been increased to 480 B / s. That’s 2x faster than the GH4. For example, the GH5’s high-speed AF at full resolution operates at approximately 0.05 s4 at 12 (AFS) / 9 (AFC) B / s for mechanical-shutter series exposure. By accurately analyzing each individual burst, it achieves up to 200 percent higher precision with minimal motion detection errors, allowing for greater tracking tolerance over moving objects.

For even more precise focusing, the number of focus fields has been increased from 49 to 225. Users can define a set of focus fields to match the subject and easily control them with the new right thumb joystick, without losing sight of the subject. This is also possible when looking through the viewfinder and when you take your finger off the trigger.

If the focus point does not match what the user wants during normal focusing, the LUMIX GH5, with its Post Focus5 function, allows you to select a specific focus point after shooting. This is especially helpful in situations such as macro shooting, where a particularly precise individual focus is required. In addition, the GH5 offers a focus stacking function. For example, if macro photos do not allow you to focus on different areas as you shoot, Focus Stacking allows users to take multiple pictures of the same subject with different focus points, and then take a picture with the focus on the details you want to generate. In addition, automatic bracketing with different values ​​for brightness,

From 4k photo becomes 6k photo

With 6K / 4K photo no more miss a decisive moment. The new 6K photo function with 18-megapixel resolution of the LUMIX GH5 makes it possible to capture crucial moments at 30 fps by extracting the photo with the best timing from the 6K burst image file. The 4K photo feature has been further enhanced to enable high-speed 60-bps photos in 8-megapixel resolution with unlimited recording length. A possible rolling shutter effect is automatically eliminated. By compensating signal information between frames, the Venus Engine Image Processor enables post-production image enhancement that corrects distortion and reduces noise when playing back or extracting images from the 6K / 4K burst file.

Well equipped – magnesium housing and splash guard

Handy, sturdy design for the hard professional everyday life The main structure of the handy LUMIX GH5 housing consists of magnesium alloy and each a full cast front / rear frame. The solid construction and sealing of each connection, button and each dial not only makes the camera splash-proof and dustproof, but also frost-proof up to -10 degrees Celsius. The robust mechanical closure of the GH5 is designed for around 200,000 actuations. The GH5 is the first LUMIX to feature a dual SD memory card slot for high-speed, high-performance UHS-II cards. Users can flexibly choose between different storage options such as backup, video switching or different formats.

The LUMIX GH5 is equipped with a large electronic viewfinder. The sharp, fast OLED display offers one of the highest resolutions of 3.7 million pixels currently available and shows 100 percent of the field of view. Thanks to its high magnification of approx. 1.52x / 0.76x (35mm KB) it is very clear. The static 3.2 “/ 8cm touch-screen LCD monitor with a resolution of 1.6 million pixels also represents around 100 percent of the image field. The menu structure and graphics have been improved in the GH5, 23 individually preferred menus. Entries can be saved in “My Menu”.

Excellent in video

The first mirrorless system camera for professional video quality standards The LUMIX GH series cameras were groundbreaking with their unusual video qualities and functions, which even met professional demands for quality and standards.

With the LUMIX GH5, Panasonic is now accelerating signal read speeds up to 1.7x with the new Digital Live MOS sensor, and the new Venus Engine image processor can process signals up to 1.3x faster. Working together, the GH5 allows for the first time in a DSLM camera video recordings in 4K 60p / 50p ultra-high-definition, which are characterized by particularly smooth image and motion playback. The GH5 also handles the internal 4: 2: 2/10-bit video recording at max. 30p6 with the color subsampling mode, which is often used in movie production because of its faithful color reproduction.

In addition, the focal length of the video recording compared to the photographing (in 16: 9) remains unchanged (no crop effect). GH5 videographers can freely choose between MOV, MP4, AVCHD-Progressive and AVCHD recording formats with a variety of frame rates. There is no recording time limit for FHD and 4K video (depending on available space only). Professional users working worldwide can set the system frequency to 59.94Hz (23.98Hz), 50.00Hz or 24.00Hz. While ‘Cinelike D’ and ‘Cinelike V’, which offer similar gamma settings for movie production, are available for video capture in the photo styles, the LUMIX GH5 also features ‘Like 709’ and HDTV compatibility.

In response to requests from professional users, the LUMIX GH5 also offers waveform monitor and vectorscope display. It also records SMPTE-compatible time code in either rec run or free run count-up modes, which simplifies the synchronization of video and audio in the post-production workflow. The luminance values ​​can be selected between 64-1023 / 64-940 / 0-1023 (10-bit). The synchro scan mode suppresses the flicker and color bars are also available.

Only the beginning – expandable and customizable with accessories

Expandability, Optional Accessories and Other Features Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi 5GHz (IEEE 802.11ac) make it easy to use the GH5 flexibly via remote control and instant sharing of images without cable connection.

The LUMIX GH5 is compatible with the new battery grip DMW-BGGH5. By using two batteries, one in the camera and the other under control, the DMW-BGGH5 increases the battery capacity for longer shots. The optional microphone adapter DMW-XLR1 is a plug adapter for XLR microphones for a high-quality stereo sound recording. To save energy, the camera automatically switches to sleep mode when the eye is removed from the viewfinder eyepiece.

Leica 12-60mm 1: 2,8-4,0

With its focal length range from 24mm super wide angle to 120mm telephoto, this new 5x zoom Leica DG Vario Elmarit F2.8-4.0 series offers a practical focal length range for photo and video recordings. Thus, it is recommended for numerous everyday shooting situations and motifs, for dynamic landscapes as well as for portraits or the available-light photography. In addition to its high light output, the OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer) enhances low-light applications by effectively suppressing camera shake when shooting outdoors. The lens works with the dual IS image stabilization system of the current * 1 Panasonic LUMIX G cameras and thus protects even more secure against blurred images.