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Think Tank Photo Camera Support Straps V2.0


Product Highlights

  • Fits Think Tank Backpacks and Harnesses
  • Holds One or Two DSLRs With Lenses
  • Minimizes Neck/Shoulder Stress
  • Double Gate Keeper Clip Snaps in Place
  • Metal Clips Attach to Camera Strap V2.0
  • Nylon Webbing
  • Antique Nickel Plated Hardware
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The black Camera Support Straps V2.0 from Think Tank is a neat accessory to have if you already own a Think Tank backpack or harness. It allows you to link up with an optional Think Tank Camera Strap and hold one or two DSLRs with a system that is designed to minimize stress on your neck and shoulders. This eliminates the necessity of removing y our backpack to gain access to your equipment. Your cameras are always comfortably hanging in front, ready to shoot.

The Double Gate Keeper Clip snaps into place and holds the strap securely. The metal clips on the optional Camera Support Strap attach to the rings contained on the Camera Support Strap V2.0. The nylon webbing combined with 3-ply bonded thread provides a strong fit. The metal hardware features handsome antique nickel plated hardware providing a nice stylish and finishing touch.

The Camera Support Straps V2.0 attach to all Think Tank backpacks and most Think Tank Harnesses. Once connected to a backpack or harness, the Camera Support Straps V2.0 provide the connection point for linking a Think Tank Camera Strap to the backpack
Provides attachment points on harness for optional Think Tank Camera Strap
Supports one or two DSLR cameras with lenses attached
Double Gate Keeper attachment clip snaps securely into place; metal clips at the ends of the Camera Support Straps attach to the rings built into the Camera Strap V2.0
Reduces stress on neck and shoulders
Connects the optional Think Tank Camera Strap to any Think Tank backpack and most optional Think Tank harnesses
Supports one or two DSLR cameras with lenses attached