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Think Tank Airport Security V 2.0 Rolling Bag


Product Highlights

  • Holds 3 DSLRs/7 Lenses/2 Flashes
  • Holds a 70-200mm f/2.8 Upright
  • Fit:400mm f/2.8,500mm or Canon 600mm f/4
  • Dual Wheels with Retractable Handle
  • Emergency Shoulder Straps
  • Security ID Plate Can Be Registered
  • Top/Side Grab Handles
  • Tripod/Monopod Holder
  • Business Card / Passport Holder
  • Rain Cover
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The black Airport Security V 2.0 Rolling Camera Bag from Think Tank can carry a ton of gear and then some. With a capacity of three DSLRs, seven lenses and two flashes, there’s enough space for even the most demanding photographer to bring along everything he needs. The bag is large enough to store your 70-200mm f/2.8 lens upright as well as being able to house a 400mm f/2.8, 500mm f/4 or a Canon 600mm f/4 (not Nikon). If you use the optional Think Tank Artificial Intelligence 13 V3.0 or 15 V3.0 laptop cases, they will work with the optional Think Tank Airport Security Low Dividers that is a set of dividers about 2.0″ (5.1 cm) shorter than the padded, movable dividers that come with bag. This allows you to place the computer safely on top of your gear. If you use the Artificial Intelligence 17 V3.0 laptop case, use of the Low Divider Set is not recommended.

The rear security cable and supplied padlock are valuable since they permit you to tether the bag to any immovable object. So if you’re shooting in a reception hall, you can lock the bag to a table or column while you shoot. The front security cable and supplied combination lock permit you to secure the optional computer case to the stretchable front pocket of the bag. However, for maximum security, lock the zippers of the entire bag with that included combination lock.

Dual user-replaceable wheels are supported by a retractable handle and top and side grab handles. Think Tank will send you a free replacement set of wheels should you need them. The wheels are specially located on the outside edges of the bag to provide maximum stability. The wheel housings themselves are high to protect the wheels from the potential damage of stairs and city streets and curbs. For emergencies, the bag comes with  shoulder straps that hide within a zippered rear pocket. If the terrain you’re crossing doesn’t suit itself to wheels, the straps give you the option to carry the bag instead. The bag is not a full-fledged backpack but the straps offer an alternative for situations that arise unexpectedly.

Your tripod or monopod can be held in one of two ways. The stretchable front pocket or tripod cup will secure the pod. Speaking of outdoor shooting on a tripod, the bag comes with a rain cover that can be rapidly deployed when the weather turns against you. It will also cover the tripod. A front zippered organizer pocket will hold small stuff like pens, pads and wallet. It has pull-out pockets that are subdivided for separating accessories.

The really neat feature of this bag is the security plate that has a unique number on it. If you register that number with Think Tank and your bag gets lost, there’s a chance you might recover it when someone finds it. Other convenient features include a business card holder located under the retractable handle as well as another zippered pocket in the same place for your passport. This incredibly spacious, flexible and functional bag is backed by Think Tank’s lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

At 14.0 x 22.0 x 9.0″ (35.6 x 55.9 x 22.9 cm) the Airport Security roller meets USA domestic airline carry-on size requirements. It fits easily into overhead compartments either straight in or horizontally. On smaller commuter or regional aircraft, 14.0 x 22.0 x 9.0″ is still the legal carry-on size, but the bag may need to be gate-checked due to limited storage space inside the airplane
A TSA (Transportation Security Administration) combination lock secures the main compartment zipper. There are many instances when photographers must leave behind some or all of their gear while on location. The rear security cable prevents the entire bag from being stolen altogether when the cable is locked around an immovable object
The rear security cable chains the Airport Security V2.0 to immovable objects. This cable is built into the framework of the rolling bag. At times, it may be necessary to leave gear for a period of time in a media room, wedding hall, hotel room, or other open area. Locking the bag’s main compartment, then locking the rear security cable to a fixed object can prevent the bag and its contents from being easily stolen. A small TSA travel padlock is included for convenience but any padlock is compatible with the cable
The front security cable and integrated combination lock fastens an optional Artificial Intelligence 13 V3.0, Artificial Intelligence 15 V3.0 or Artificial Intelligence 17 V3.0 laptop case inside the stretchable front pocket of the roller. This cable and lock reduce the chances of computer theft while the bag is being rolled from one location to another. To completely conceal the laptop from view and for best security, use the optional Airport Security Low Divider Set to carry the laptop inside the main compartment and locked up with the primary TSA combination lock
The security plate may allow your lost or stolen bag to be returned. Before using your bag, register your unique serial number on Think Tank’s website
Think Tank provides a free kit so you can replace the wheels. The wheels, being located on the outside of the bag, make it very stable when rolled. The wheel housings are extra high, to protect your case when going up curbs
The bag comes with emergency shoulder straps. There are circumstances, such as stairs and gravel, when a roller does not work. Although this roller is not intended to be used regularly as a backpack, the straps are there just in case. They are removable, allowing you to store them in the main compartment
Both a monopod and tripod can be attached two different ways – either by putting two legs into the stretchable pocket or by using the Tripod Cup that comes with the roller
A seam-sealed, waterproof rain cover (like an outdoor jacket) is included. An expandable section fits over a tripod when one is attached to the bag
Optional Artificial Intelligence 15 and 17 laptop cases slide in front pocket. The advantage is that the roller looks smaller, even when the laptop case is inside the pocket. If for some reason you do need to weigh the bag, you can remove the laptop case, making the roller lighter and smaller. Also, when you get to your seat on the plane, you can pull out the laptop case and put it on your seat before putting the roller in the overhead bin
The zippered front pocket can be used for storing items like pens, pencils, card wallets, notepads, and more
For easy identification, a business card holder is located directly under the handle. It holds quite a few cards. There is also a zippered pocket under the handle that can hold your passport and other items
The Airport Security Low Divider set can be used in place of the standard dividers. These low dividers will allow you to neatly store the Artificial Intelligence 13 V3.0 and 15 V3.0 laptop cases
This bag holds a full DSLR kit. This patent pending rolling bag design creates a very deep bottom section-so deep you can put in a 70-200mm f/2.8 straight up and down in the bag. A 400mm f/2.8, 500mm f/4, or a Canon 600mm f/4 lens (not Nikon) can also fit with hood reversed with the leather lens cap on
Carry-On Form Factor
FAA and airline carry-on specifications are subject to change without notice, please check with your airline before designating this case as a carry-on item. Most airlines require carry-on items to have an external linear measurement that is equal to or less than 45.0″ (114.3 cm). The external dimensions of this case add up to 45.0″ (114.3 cm)