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Viltrox SR-N1/N2/N3 Shutter Nikon D3/D300/D2H/D2H/D7000/D3200


The wire uses thickened and bold earphone cable, it has soft feel, high wear resistance, high tensile strength and

high temperature adaptability. The wire is with high flexibility, can easily uncoil without any resistance.

Gamepad is small and portable. Moulds and buttons are made by a big mobile factory providing a solid touch feeling

and with very small seams.Buttons use two-tier design, micro convex structure makes it easy to press, push forward

and pull backward with high resilience and precise positioning ability. Inside structure uses metal reed contact point

with very low contact resistance, extremely high electrical conductivity and wear resistance; the plug uses cooper

needle as connector with extremely long service life.

  • Firstly, put the plug of the shutter release in the camera shutter release socket, please aim the sign on the plug

at the one on the socket(Only some models), then power on.

  • Half-press the shutter button on the camera, start the AF/photometric system, then half-press the shutter for

accurate focusing.

  • Fully press the shutter release button, release the camera shutter then we can have an fast and stable shoot.
  • When setting the bulb of the camera, fully press the shutter release button and push ahead( as the graphical
  • expression on the shutter release), then we can lock the camera shutter for a long exposure shooting, it is very

convenient and efficient.

  • With reasonable design, shutter release about one meter long, heavy handle, good hand feeling, convenient
  • carrying and good stability, recommend to use in night shot, product pictures, advertising photography,
  • stage photography, commercial photography, etc.