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JJC Auto Lens Cap for Fujifilm X100 /X100s ALC-X100



JJC ALC-X100/ALC-X100(S) HoodCap is a creative product design by JJC company. The HoodCap combine the auto lens cap and lens hood function together. When the HoodCap is screwed to the camera body, user will not need to screw out the HoodCap when take the photo. Just need slide the OPEN button on the cap, 3 pieces of lens cap leaf will auto open. At this moment, the 3 pieces leafs will be come a lens hood to shades the lens from stray light, improving your contrast and image quality. When the HoodCap is not on use, press the leafs back to the original place from 1-2-3, you will see the number in the each leafs. Now you do not need to worry about lost you lens cap or lens hood. HoodCap will stay on you camera all the time.